Random eatings from my past week.

This post doesn’t quick make a ‘Dinners of the Week’ post since there are only four meals and I have been meaning to put it up for a while now. Anyway, my four ideas for filling and super quick dinners from the past few weeks are:

Salad and naan bread makes a minimal effort dinner after a long evening. (In this post  I explain my love for including sundried tomatoes in salad). This is a simple meal or snack and you can always add some meat or more carbohydrates to bulk it up a bit.


Fried rice with scrambled egg and prawns. I know I should have probably should have  included some greens here but again I was in a rush and laziness got the better of me… This was made also to use up my eggs that had been lying around for a little while. I will be doing an upcoming post on this in a little more detail but essentially I added shallots, egg, prawns, ginger and rice to make a warm bowl of comfort food.


Brown rice with sauteed courgettes and tomatoes was a little daring for me because I don’t normally like tomatoes cooked. But actually here the juiciness worked really well with the courgettes I found. (Cook the courgettes for about 8-10 minutes first before adding tomatoes). Brown rice is a healthy alternative to traditional white rice as it has been less ‘processed’ making it unmilled with only the outer husk layer having been removed. (It is very easy to cook in a rice cooker).


Red cabbage and carrots with quinoa and giant couscous + a random Ryvita cracker topped with Philadelphia is another example of my mish-mash jumbling of food together that needs eating. This was actually inspired by a Nigel Slater episode from his latest ‘Dish of the Day’ series (recipes can be found here) where he was focussing on ‘one pot cooking’ – my favourite kind in terms of washing up! I will be doing a post on this dish (hopefully soon as this was the same red cabbage from this post, I have just been very slow getting posts up!)

That’s it for now! Toodleloo.


Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day

Image taken from http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01nd36s

I was really inspired by this programme on a few days ago – Nigel Slater takes seasonal produce and designs dishes based on his weekly shop. This really appealed to me because the first time living away from home has really made me appreciate how much planning you really have to do just to prepare some simple meals. You have to balance your meat and veg and take things out the freezer in advance, that’s a lot of ‘food prep thinking’ I don’t normally have to deal with! So the ‘Dish of the Day’ programme really made me more excited to try new things and find different ways of cooking the same old things. Hopefully I will be trying some new ideas out of my ‘comfort zone’ in the oncoming months!

Until then, I would love to hear tips on any favourite recipes or one pot recipes that are quick to rustle up after a long day – please feel welcome to comment below!