Wraps for lunch!


So I have been loving these Warburton’s Rectangle (although they are called ‘square’ ish on the packaging) Wraps. I have taken a photo of the serving suggestions as you can see above and I find the shape much more versatile than round tortilla wraps that I normally use. So far I have only tried them out with salad-like fillings on the inside but you can also place filling on the top and turn them into ‘pizzas’ of some sort by just popping them in the oven. I only wish they had a part wholemeal or healthier option as I don’t normally buy white loaves, apart from that I think they’re great.

I tend to use my ‘normal’ salad ingredients but for today, just used whatever I could find in the fridge – large lettuce leaves, chopped red pepper, thinly sliced tomatoes and some chopped up sundried tomatoes too. Normally in salad I like to use mixed salad leaves (pre-packed) and add in some cucumber, sweetcorn and par-boiled carrots too and drizzle with some sundried tomato flavoured oil from the jar, but of course you can add anything you like. The other day I had one with cheese and ham (almost like an ordinary sandwich) but you could also add meat like chicken to beef it up (I tend to make up for this by eating two or three…).

Wrap filling prepped

Whilst I’m prepping the vegetables, I like to just put them flat into the oven to warm up slightly but you could just warm them up in a hot pan too on a low heat.

Wraps warming in the oven

Finally assemble your filling with your wrap in whichever way you please and guzzle down for a lovely lunch!

Lunch time!

I would love to hear you ideas for favourite wrap fillings too so feel free to comment below!


Super quick panini sandwich

So this post is ultra late on account of my excitement at all the Christmas food at home – anyway it is just a super quick sandwich that you can fill with anything really, but toasting it in the oven just gives it that extra warming feel.

I bought a pack of panini rolls (you could use ciabatta, or ordinary round rolls) and cut them lengthways in half. Drizzle with a little olive oil if you like and place flat side up in a hottish oven (around 180 degrees Celsius) for 10-15 minutes or so until crisp and golden.

Panini bread

Meanwhile, prepare your filling. I just used a lot of salad vegetables, baby gem lettuce, thinly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and some grated cheese. For another lunch I used tomatoes, cheese and some pesto for an Italian take. That was yummy too.

Panini salad filling

Then the fun part. Sandwich assembly – just organise your filling inside (I like to put the cheese straight onto the bread so that it melts). The only thing is that because I stuffed the sandwich it was a little bit ‘high’ so I had to squish it together to eat.

Salad Panini lunch

I think this makes a quick and easy lunch by itself (two when you’re hungry) or served with other things – and I would love to hear your favourite sandwich fillings in the comments below to give me some more ideas too!

Fried Rice with Peppers +

I know a did a previous blog post a while ago on egg fried rice with some broccoli and sweetcorn, but I really couldn’t resist doing another post with some colourful veg! This time I used peppers and also added a few other things to make it a wonderfully warming winter meal that you can make in no time at all.

First I prepared the colour array of peppers by slicing them into quite thin strips (similar to julienne prep) and then turning then and cutting again almost into small cubes. This way they hardly need any cooking and will still retain a crunch providing some contrast to the rice.

Rainbow peppers

Now onto the actual cooking. I added a few finely chopped shallots into a hot oiled pan just to give a bit more flavour. After a while, add in the cold rice to warm through and allow it to become a bit crisp. Make sure you break up any large chunks and turn it in the pan. I also added in some fresh root ginger (chopped as small as you can, and also slightly crushed) to the pan. Recently I have really been loving the smell and taste of ginger and find it really gives a warming sensation to the rice (I think it’s also good for colds as clears your sinuses etc.).

Then to the eggs. I like to make a ‘hole’ in the middle of the pan and crack the egg into here. Then gradually half scramble/mix the rice gradually so that it is distributed throughout.

Fried rice with a funny looking egg

When the rice is nearly ready, I added in the colourful peppers for a few minutes to warm up. Switch off the cooker and drizzle a little soy sauce at this point if you have any to spare – it gives a wonderful seasoning. And there you have it!

Egg fried rice with multi-coloured peppers

A Quick Summer Lunch

So this post should have been uploaded quite a while ago as I made it whilst I was still at home in London over a week ago. Now that it feels like summer is over this post feels a little redundant as it is quite light and summery but it shouldn’t really matter when you make it! I had some fresh carrots and courgettes from the farm and wanted to use them so did a simple steam and gently fry to give them some flavour.

First I chopped the vegetables into smallish chunks about 2cm x 2cm.

Next steam them for about 15-20 minutes until soft to taste.

Add oil to a hot pan as well as some finely chopped onions/shallots. When the onions have turned slightly brown, add the vegetables and season with salt/pepper and a little meat stock.

Serve with noodles, rice, pasta etc. as preferred.

On a side note, I recently came across this deliciouscombination of beetroot and apple which could be served as a lovely fresh side dish. To make, finely grate sweet apple and beetroot (adjust ratio accordingly) and add a touch of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and season. I absolutely love the deep crimson colour and it would make a lovely addition to any dinner table.

Do you have any exciting or unusual flavour combinations?

Another quick and easy lunch

I have been pretty obsessed with posting my lunch on the blog since my revision is not the most interesting thing in the world… However I do promise that after they are over I will do some more baking (I have been meaning to make some wholemeal bread) and desert-like recipes (I’ve got plenty of cookie and cake recipes) – they’ve been feeling a bit left out as are much more time-consuming. Anyway, my lunch today consisted of wild rice with quinoa, lettuce and cured ham.

I put a portion of wild rice and quinoa (about 100-150g altogether roughly) and covered with water so that it was about 5cm above the level of the rice. Simmer gently and cover with a lid for about 20 minutes. If it is not cooked yet, take off the lid and turn up the cooker slightly so the water is bubbling more. The rice and quinoa should be soft and chewy when done (you may need to pour out any excess water).

While this is cooking, I cut up the dry cured ham (my mum keeps a stash in the freezer and took it out today as I was moaning about the lack of meat in the fridge) into sizeable chunks. I also chopped off an appropriate amount of lettuce. Heat a lightly oiled pan and gently fry the lettuce and ham turning frequently so that the ham doesn’t burn your pan. The lettuce should be pretty bulky at first when raw but after 10 minutes of light frying it wilts so bear in mind when deciding your portion. Again, you could just as easily stir fry any other vegetables you have lying around. I didn’t add any seasoning because the ham was already salted and brought enough flavour to the vegetables.

I added a little bit of vegetable stock to the rice and quinoa before serving in a bowl with the vegetables and meat on top. Be sure to tip in all the juices from the pan over the rice as it adds to the flavour. Eat immediately.

Pasta with Meatballs and Peppers

You already know that I love pasta.  And peppers. And meat. = a satisfied tummy. Although I have to confess that I didn’t make the meatballs. However after I am less swamped in exam revision I will definitely do a post on homemade meatballs (I have the recipe stored away ready for the minute my real summer starts). For the moment, you’ll have to make do. The meatballs were frozen from the freezer so I just lobbed them into a hot oiled pan along with the sliced peppers and fried (stir every few minutes) lightly for 10-15 minutes until the meatballs are cooked through and the peppers softened. You could easily add any tomato (see my recipe here) or vegetable sauce to flavour the pasta.

pasta + peppers + meatballs = yummy in my tummy

Back to my revision now I suppose…