Hello there.

The point of this is pretty self-explanatory from the blog title. As a university student, I thought that’d I share my successes (and failings) in the cooking world with you. Hopefully all the recipes should be dead easy to make (especially if I can make them) and source ingredients for – Happy Eating!

Please feel free to comment with advice, requests or just some kind words!


2 comments on “About

  1. NF Hannibal says:

    Great stuff! I am collecting a variety of recipes – quick and easy recipes that promote brain health are my favorite (I like to cook but have little time) – if you are interested in guest blogging, my current strain of study is mind enhancement and recipes involving food high in antioxidents, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B’s, etc. would be very welcome!

  2. YWS says:

    I agree – you definitely need time. Now that I have actually started university I have limited kitchen facilities and very slow cookers! – (that might lessen the blog posts I fear). It is more about basic cooking rather than trying out new exciting recipes sadly, but I hope that the recipes I post still taste good and should be relatively easy to make (especially if I can do them!).

    I would be interested in your ideas for a guest blog post – maybe I will start researching ‘brain boosting’ foods, do you have any particular ingredients/foods you would recommend to start with?

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