Bye bye blog…

I stopped writing posts for this blog in March and thought I could just let it disappear into the blogosphere or whatever, but I thought I’d better make it formal and let any readers know (it’s hardly had any views recently though) just to be polite.

This was my first blog and served as a good introduction into blogging but after starting another one soon after, I don’t feel as though I have the time to dedicate to this. Plus a lot of the time I’d rather get on with the eating of said food rather then thinking ‘Oooh, this would make a good post for the blog!’ and getting a camera out and writing down an official ‘recipe’ when a lot of the time, my everyday food is just me chucking ingredients together into an edible meal.

I have really enjoyed learning about the process of blogging and can now solely be found at my student blog wonderingmentsofahopefulmedic (a somewhat lengthy but self-explanatory name) about my goings-on at university.

P.S. Sorry to disappoint any Guardian readers expecting a fully-fledged blog with weekly updates… (I was very surprised to find my link from an article there, boy oh boy did that boost my views).

One comment on “Bye bye blog…

  1. Hi there, thank you for this interesting and useful post. I was wondering if you have a free moment if you could check out my own student blog, It’s a blog on everything for and about students, so any advice or feedback would be great from someone whose blog looks a lot more developed than mine! Thanks.

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