What’s in my freezer?

Following on from my previous ‘What’s in my…cupboard/fridge?’ post, I thought I’d include my lovely freezer drawer so it wouldn’t feel left out! I had a some trouble filling this at the beginning of term because I wasn’t really sure what to put there (hence why I only have one freezer drawer out of a possible eight). But I’ve accumulated some bits and pieces over the last month and a half so here it is.

I only recently cottoned to the fact that ovens cook pizza and chips really easily, so here’s my one stop super quick (but not super healthy) dinner – a margherita pizza (spinkled with mixed herbs is yummy). Oh, and french fries for when I feel like them.

(although my potato ‘chips’ are very yummy too).

I also bought quite a few pre-prepared salmon fillets when I first got here – after I asked my mother how to cook them they didn’t seem so scary.

I think the trickiest thing for me personally was adjusting to cooking meat and fish because that was sort of a category I wasn’t very familiar with (apart from the occasional roast for the family). So I had to find out how to make one-size portions work for me because fresh fish and meat is important to me.


I also have some big fat chicken legs, king prawns (buy one get one free at Tesco’s) and another batch of bolognese sauce. My aim is to finish this for when I go back home for Christmas. That shouldn’t be a problem. Apart from that, there’s not really anything else in my lone freezer drawer. I’m welcome to any suggestions for useful staples as always!


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