Quick student meal – Fried Rice

So being at university I don’t have all the time in the world (strange after 4 months of holiday) so I like to cook and prepare things in advance so that I can eat them quickly when needed. Fried rice is incredibly simple to make and you can add any vegetables and meat to it you like to incorporate those important fresh ingredients. All you’ll need are eggs, rice, and your choice of vegetables.

Prepare the rice using a rice cooker or boiling in a pot. Cook your vegetables/meat if needed.

Heat a pan (thank you mother for the non-stick one, makes it so much easier!) until hot and add some oil. When hot, crack an egg into the pan. Wait 10 seconds before gently stirring a few times. You don’t want to completely scramble the egg  as you want it to slightly ‘bind’ to the rice. When most of the egg is cooked, add the rice. Continue frying and stirring so that the egg and rice mix together.

Then add in your meat/vegetables one at a time.

When you are satisfied that everything is warmed up and mixed together nicely, turn off the heat. Add a splash of soy sauce and serve. Fried rice is really easy to store in the fridge and microwave for a quick meal (which is what I did), just keep refrigerated.


4 comments on “Quick student meal – Fried Rice

  1. trams88 says:

    I dont think you should be keeping rice for more than two days in the fridge…..keep it refrigerated below 5oC to prevent bacteria growth (Bacillus cereus, and Salmonella) and when heating has to be really hot, above 60oC….rice is really bad for bacteria growth and throw away after two days…this was a huge problem in restaurants in the 70’s.

  2. spotloungebar says:

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  3. Cookiequeen says:

    Comments by trams88 are only too true. Be careful – rice is one of the easiest foods to get food poisoning from. If you have cooked more than you need, it’s best to freeze it and remember you can only reheat it once. So portion size it before freezing. A slow cooker is a good thing for students, uses only a small amount of electricity and you can leave it on all day if necessary and with a little preparation have a hot meal waiting for you when you come in. Great for making vegetable dahl, ratatouille, pasta and rice dishes etc. There are always cookery books in the public libraries to get you started.

    • YWS says:

      Thank you to trams88 and yourself for your comments. Since buying a rice cooker cooking the rice is so much easier and now I tend to only prepare small portions for what I am about to eat because it is so quick (and as you said the ‘warm’ function is incredibly handy too)! I have also been using brown rice which also works great in the cooker for the meals you suggested.

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