Gift Biscuits!

One of my favourite small gifts for friends and family is food – some homemade biscuits/brownies/cupcakes look beautiful and show that you have taken the time and effort to bake.

You can easily personalise flavour combinations and have lots of fun trying them out! I like to use these clear plastic bags from Amazon to hold biscuits and brownies in, boxes would probably be more practical for cakes. The plastic was not the stiff sort that I had expected but you can definitely still make them look pretty. I cut squares of stiff card and placed in the bottom of the bag and arranged 7 biscuits inside. To finish off, tie with colourful ribbon and make sure you label them so the receiver knows what type of biscuits they are! I love these Cath Kidston stickers and labels which have some small circle stickers (about 2cm diameter) which look great for labelling.

I would love to hear your favourite edible gifts and any fun and interesting ideas you have for packaging them!


Oat and Hazelnut biscuit recipe can be found here 


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