Another quick and easy lunch

I have been pretty obsessed with posting my lunch on the blog since my revision is not the most interesting thing in the world… However I do promise that after they are over I will do some more baking (I have been meaning to make some wholemeal bread) and desert-like recipes (I’ve got plenty of cookie and cake recipes) – they’ve been feeling a bit left out as are much more time-consuming. Anyway, my lunch today consisted of wild rice with quinoa, lettuce and cured ham.

I put a portion of wild rice and quinoa (about 100-150g altogether roughly) and covered with water so that it was about 5cm above the level of the rice. Simmer gently and cover with a lid for about 20 minutes. If it is not cooked yet, take off the lid and turn up the cooker slightly so the water is bubbling more. The rice and quinoa should be soft and chewy when done (you may need to pour out any excess water).

While this is cooking, I cut up the dry cured ham (my mum keeps a stash in the freezer and took it out today as I was moaning about the lack of meat in the fridge) into sizeable chunks. I also chopped off an appropriate amount of lettuce. Heat a lightly oiled pan and gently fry the lettuce and ham turning frequently so that the ham doesn’t burn your pan. The lettuce should be pretty bulky at first when raw but after 10 minutes of light frying it wilts so bear in mind when deciding your portion. Again, you could just as easily stir fry any other vegetables you have lying around. I didn’t add any seasoning because the ham was already salted and brought enough flavour to the vegetables.

I added a little bit of vegetable stock to the rice and quinoa before serving in a bowl with the vegetables and meat on top. Be sure to tip in all the juices from the pan over the rice as it adds to the flavour. Eat immediately.


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