Couscous lunch.

I seem to be posting a lot of photos of my lunch recently. I think holidays are great for experimenting and trying new warm lunches rather than having cold sandwiches at school again. Anyway, here’s what I had today.

So basically I chopped up a yellow pepper into quite small chunks. Then I seasoned the dry couscous in the bowl with salt and pepper. Next I poured almost boiled water into the couscous until most of the couscous has absorbed some (I don’t like it soaking). Then cover with a lid. Meanwhile I grated some mild cheese and put this into the couscous, fluffing and mixing it in with a fork to allow the cheese to melt a bit, then pop the lid back on. Finally add the peppers and a handful of ripped basil leaves. Et voila! – done in less than 10 minutes. I also toasted some leftover bread with butter and served with a steaming cup of green tea, my favourite!



4 comments on “Couscous lunch.

  1. This looks delicious. I sometimes also put in a teaspoon of vegetable stock powder with the boiling water to make it extra flavoursome.

  2. YWS says:

    Great idea! I sometimes use Swiss bouillon powder, it’s delish! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Couscous is such an easy grain to cook and the possibilities are endless to what to combine it with — sort of llike Ramen noodles, heh heh. For me, I prefer to put so much fresh basil in my couscous for added flavor. Also, garbanzo beans or lentils are great in couscous for some added protein.

    • YWS says:

      I totally agree, I simply love basil! Thanks for the other ideas of adding beans and lentils (I have yet to learn to like them). Although I have been trying quinoa and pearl barley which are great too (but take at least 30 minutes to cook).

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