Leftovers from our Easter Meal – Stuffed Peppers with Red Rice & Quinoa

We don’t really celebrate Easter, but seeing as my mother had invited some friends over for dinner, that kind of prompted the food feast we had yesterday. I went to bed absolutely stuffed. I was fine after the main, but then that crumble and custard… Anyway, I thought I’d share a new recipe – stuffed peppers with red rice. Now I have to confess I didn’t actually do the cooking as it’s only 3 weeks until my dreaded exams so I was banished to my room to work, then summoned for food (turned out to be a great arrangement!).

It’s a tad confusing to me that it’s in a pasta bowl, but you’ll just have to ignore that. Recently I have been raving about wild rice, then my mother brought some red rice for us to try, and yes, that’s also great. It takes quite a bit of cooking – 35-40 minutes. They are dark red/black in colour and wonderfully chewy. Here, we mixed it with some quinoa which just gives some variety to the texture.

You can cook both in a pan of water first seasoning with salt, pepper and a drop of oil/soy sauce. Meanwhile, prepare the peppers. Red, orange and yellow all work well due to their cheery colour and natural sweetness. Chop in half (I find it easier to chop horizontally so you get top and bottom separate) and remove the stalk and seeds. Fill with the red/wild rice and quinoa and cut some thin slices of tomatoes to cover the tops. This stops them from drying out really. Season again if preferred and them place in a moderately hot oven. If you are cooking other things, just shove these in when you have space and keep an eye on them. As long as they don’t burn, they’ll be fine.

Remove when the pepper’s are relatively soft (it depends on how you like them) and serve warm. I’ve also tried this with stuffed couscous (fluff up with boiling water first) and mozzarella (this melts in the couscous), topped with some chopped basil – for a more Italian theme. But again, you can really experiment and try different flavours without worrying how it’ll turn out because you can’t really go wrong!

Have fun and Happy Eating!


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