Pasta. Love it.

Jumble some veg and meat with your pasta!

So today’s post is all about pasta. I’m a bit of a pasta geek, I actually remember all the Italian names of them! Anyway, I had a really yummy lunch today so I’d thought I’d share (the ideas, not the food). Often when there are lots of spare ‘parts’ in the fridge, I jumble together anything I fancy and mix it with my pasta. I live on pasta, rice and bread – but most carbohydrates that provide a staple diet can actually bring lots of variety to meals if you mix different sauces, vegetables etc. with them. Leftover bolognese is delicious with brown rice for example.

Anyway, I am also a huge fan of peppers. When they are raw my ranking order is yellow (the best) followed by orange and red. But when I have pasta, I always go for the red ones to add some colour. I also added some ham for a bit of protein and flavour which has just been shredded into smaller pieces. I put the pepper in with the pasta for the last five minutes of cooking so it would soften slightly. Then I mixed everything together and then topped with some cheese. Other ideas for simple lunches/dinners include adding;

– Pancetta (This needs to be fried in a hot pan for a few minutes until brown, you could easily add some chopped shallots)

– Any other leftover meat, chicken, beef, etc. that is flavoursome

– Olive oil, soy sauce etc. all make good seasoners (as well as salt and pepper)

– Any stew-like meals that are left in the fridge, they can just be warmed and mixed with the pasta.

– Broccoli, lettuce, sweetcorn are a few of my other favourite vegetables to add.

My other tip would be to use decent quality pasta. My favourite is Napolina Bronze Pasta. It is fantastic quality and well worth the extra pound when on offer. Some cheap pastas are too soft in texture or claggy and ruin the dish. I think pasta is best served al dente (with a bit of bite to it).

Pasta makes a great, quick and easy meal that can be flavoursome and filling, (and less repetitive than solely having pesto/cheese all the time). Let me know of your favourite pasta additions!


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