Passion Fruit Crumble Cake

This is a joyous cake which positively radiates yumminess. I absolutely love the crumble topping with a hint of coconut which gives the cake a little something extra. The passion fruit comes through well (3’s the magic number!) and makes the cake a glowing yellow with the crunchy black seeds to give some bite! It is very easy to make and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. This recipe is adapted from Dan Lepard’s column with the Guardian and I really like the fact that the use of butter, sunflower oil and yoghurt reduces the fat content but also makes the cake lighter in texture. I hope you enjoy it!

Passion Fruit Crumble Cake, makes one cake of 22cm diameter or two small loaves (as in the photos)

Preparation Time : 30 minutes or so

Baking Time : 1 hour

Passion fruit cake

– 75g unsalted butter

– 25ml sunflower oil

– 175 golden caster sugar (you may to adjust this and add more according to the ripeness of the passion fruits)

– pulp from 3 passion fruit

– 25g cornflour

– 3 medium eggs, separated

– 100ml or so of plain yoghurt

– 200g plain flour

– 2tsp baking powder

Coconut crumble

– 50g unsalted butter

– 75g plain flour

– 50g golden caster sugar

– 40g desiccated coconut

Line the baking tin(s) with baking parchment. Gently melt the butter in a microwaveable pyrex glass bowl until soft. Add the oil, sugar and cornflour mixing thoroughly. Then mix in the egg yolks and yoghurt. Finally mix in the passion fruit pulp and have a quick taste! Sift and gently add the flour and baking powder. Finally in another bowl, whisk the egg whites until light and fluffy (just before meringue texture). This adds lightness and air into the cake – ensure the bowl and whisk are very clean otherwise your won’t get soft peaks. Lastly carefully fold in the egg whites into the passion fruit mixture slicing through the mixture so that the egg whites are fully incorporated. Pour the mixture into your prepared tin(s).

To make the coconut crumble topping, mix the butter, flour and sugar together. I find it easiest to use your fingers you can really make sure it is mixed well. Finally also mix in the coconut into the crumble. If you don’t like coconut you could substitute and experiment with different flavours (feel free to comment your ideas). I am not a huge fan of coconut but I think it subtly complements the passion fruit perfectly. Sprinkle generously over the cake mixture in the tin(s) – I like to leave some biggish lumps as I just adore crumble! Bake for an hour (my two smaller loaves took about 40 minutes) at 180 degrees.

When the cake is ready and an inserted skewer is removed clean, leave the cake(s) to cool a little in the tins. Serve up warm soon after. I’m on the hunt for any ways to improve the presentation of these cakes so if anyone has any suggestions, please comment below.

Happy Eating!


2 comments on “Passion Fruit Crumble Cake

  1. skyu33 says:

    Mmmmmmmm, delicious. I loved the tangy, but sweet, cake.

  2. […] doesn’t love an evening spent baking? I thought I’d make some of my passion fruit cake and some brownies to take along to a picnic at our local parkrun tomorrow to celebrate its first […]

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